August 28, 2014

Truth from Rock and Roll Lyrics

I love Rock and Roll. I spent a good amount of my teens, twenties, and thirties in record stores and standing in line to buy concert tickets.  A lot of my disposal income went to supporting my love of live music and buying the albums of my favorite artists.

August 26, 2014

It Takes a Team to Pilot a Starship

I just got back from a weekend of filming a new You Tube independent fan produced science fiction show that is set in the Star Trek: The Original Series Universe. It was a thrilling,  sleepless experience that was filled with stress, tension, and laughter. It also showed me the value of teamwork.

August 20, 2014

5 Lesson I Learned from Living Authentically

In 2006 my then wife and I separated. That event caused me to take a good hard look in the mirror and reevaluate who I am. For close to 10 years I lived with this woman. I was a middle aged man with a good job working for a major Telecom company in Florida but was unfulfilled professionally. I had friends that I hung out with. Drank and laughed with, but never had deep meaningful conversations. That look in the mirror took me deep down the rabbit hole. It forced me to look into myself and ask difficult questions. A journey of self discovery and self awareness had begun.

August 16, 2014

Who Needs A Coach?

I’ve spent the past few weeks publishing my book "Clarity is Power" and scheduling some achievement workshops to promote it.

I was talking to my friend Michael and know he is working to accomplish many things in his life. I invited him to attend and he told me he didn’t need a workshop. He was coming along fine with his goals. I asked him about his progress and he spoke in general terms about what he was accomplishing. I suggested that maybe he needed to get another point of view to help him get over some challenges.

August 11, 2014

Three Steps for Managing Depression

Oscar Award winning actor and comedian Robin Williams took his life today. A talented man decided his demons were too strong. He was 63. Mr. Williams and I have one thing in common. Depression.

I was diagnosed with severe depression and moderate anxiety in 2006 while going through my separation and divorce. Depression is one of those invisible diseases where people always say, “Funny, you don’t look sick.” They mean well, they just don’t understand. People try to be empathetic by saying, “I know. I’ve been down too.” Or even worse, “We all have problems, you just have to put on your big boy pants and suck it up!” Depression is still a social stigma. We treat it like the crazy uncle that gets invited to Holiday dinner. Everyone knows he’s there, but no one says anything.

The Day My Life Changed

November 3rd, 1988. 

It was a morning like any other. The sun was high in the crisp, clear, blue sky; and my day started the way my day day usually began. I put on my suit and tie, grabbed my briefcase and walked out my door to catch my train to go to work.

November 3rd, 1988. The day my life changed ...